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Hkcbma.org - Setbacks and difficulties are common on the road to success. In the face of hardship, an Exceptional Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneur is tough and resolute. They endure in the face of adversity and emerge stronger from defeat. Outstanding Chinese Youth Entrepreneurs are well-known for their perseverance and commitment. Their goals motivate them to work long hours, make sacrifices, and go the additional mile. They are distinguished by their unwavering pursuit of perfection.

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PHD | US Education Accredited University | PHD Program | Honorary PHD | Honorary Doctorate degree | Honorary Doctorate | DBA Program | DBA

Company/Business name: China Business Managers Association

Street Address: Room 803, Witty Commercial Building, 1A-L, Tung Choi Street

Postal/Zip Code: 999077

Phone: 852-29722319

Website: http://www.hkcbma.org/

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